Volunteer Now: Become A Big

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There’s no other way to put it: becoming a Big (Brother or Sister) changes the lives of kids in Miami. Your time and perspective can awaken new possibilities for a child in need. We’ve seen failing grades transform into valedictorians, anger turn into hope, and confusion turn into dreams of entrepreneurship. All through a little bit of your time, one child + afternoon at a time. It’s as simple as playing video games, washing the car, or just hanging out together.

Am I cut out to be a Big?

The short answer is probably yes :) We want you as a Big if:

  • You have life perspective. You’ve studied, worked and generally dedicated time and effort to accomplishing something – whether it’s earning a degree, mastering a talent, skill or art – and are open to sharing what you’ve learned and how you did it with someone else.
  • You like kids. At the end of the day, these are curious, learning minds being shaped – they’re not yet fully formed adults.
  • You want to make a difference with just a bit of your time. All it takes is one afternoon (in person) a month.  You’ll pick up your Little at his or her home, and you’ll spend a few hours doing something fun where you can talk – playing a sport, visiting a park, going to a game, visiting a museum – or even reading together. And you might call him or her a couple of times that month, just to check in. You’re establishing a friendship and trust.
  • You believe in doing the right thing. You believe in doing right by others – and don’t mind talking about it. You’ve got a sense of responsibility and commitment – and don’t mind sharing that with someone else that may need some inspiration.

So, how do I get started?

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Download our application here. Return your completed application by email to volunteer@bbbsmiami.org or by mail to: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami – 550 NW 42 Avenue, Miami, FL 33126.

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  1. Call Us:  Give one of our First Impressions Representatives a call at 305.644.0066 during regular business hours. They’ll answer any questions you have as well as help you schedule your interview with one of our professional staff.
  2. Inquire electronically: Contact us with your questions by e-mailing volunteer@www.bbbsmiami.org, or by completing our online inquiry form. A Big Brothers Big Sisters staff member will then contact you. You’ll just need to be prepared to provide references, participate in an in-person interview and have a background check performed.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): You can also review some available answers to commonly asked questions in our FAQs.

Who’s needed most?

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A Few Good Men:

More than 70% of our kids waiting for a Big are boys, but only 3 in every 10 volunteer inquiries come from men. So, we confess…we’re in dire need of a few good men!

A Call to Men of Color:

Disproportionately, the kids we serve and those waiting to be matched are African-American and Hispanic boys. Their parents seek our support, knowing a Big Brother can recognize their son’s potential and model positive choices that put him on the path for success in and out of school.

So, in short – men (and men of color) – we need you!