Bigs in Schools (School-Based)

It may sound obvious, but sometimes the best place to awaken a child to new possibilities is at school. Kids enjoy interacting with their Bigs there, whether it's in the classroom or on the playground. And parents feel confidence in the positive impact a Big's presence makes at school.

Bigs and Littles meet for 1-on-1 mentoring in the classroom, school library, school computer room, neighborhood community center, or other school-based location. Bigs and Littles typically meet for one hour once per week to read together, play sports or computer games, or simply talk about life - just as friends do.

School-based mentoring is not a tutoring program; it's more like guidance. However, research has shown children matched with a Big in their school experienced some rather significant improvements in their quality of life:

  • 58% improved academic performance
  • 65% demonstrated higher levels of self-confidence
  • 55% had a better attitude toward school
Be a Big Brother

Be a Big Sister

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